Roku lands in Walmart without Netgear help — Online Video News

14 06 2011
@zbutcher: This is huge news for Roku. This move will now allow them to further their reach with consumers in an actual “brick & mortar” retail space. Very smart move… well done.
Updated. Roku has confirmed that it’s struck a retail partnership to sell its broadband set-top boxes in Walmart stores. But the deal comes without the help of Netgear , whom Roku had partnered with last year to extend its reach into major retail outlets. [ Read More via  ]

Maria Popova: In a new world of informational abundance, content curation is a new kind of authorship.

14 06 2011


@zbutcher: On Harvard’s University’s Nieman Journalism Lab site there is an excellent read on curation from Maria Popova editor of Brain PickingsShe discusses Twitter’s use “as discovery” and “curation as authorship.” If you like the excerpt below, you’re really going to enjoy the full read.


Last week, Megan Garber wrote an excellent piece on whether Twitter is speech or text. Yet despite a number of insightful and timely points, I’d argue there is a fundamental flaw with the very dichotomy of the question. While Twitter can certainly be both, it’s inherently neither. And trying to classify it within one or both of these conventional checkboxes completely misses the point that we might, in fact, have to invent an entirely new checkbox. Read the rest of this entry »

How Twitter + iOS 5 Will Change Mobile Apps

14 06 2011

@zbutcher: Great read about the benefits of Twitter’s new “built-in” integration with Apple’s upcoming iOS5.



A deep integration of Twitter and iOS 5 was among the many things announced by Apple today but it’s not just that you’ll be able to post to Twitter from inside official Apple apps like photos and maps. Any 3rd party iOS developer will be able to leverage a number of Twitter Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to make their apps better and more social. After email, SMS and iOS messaging, Twitter will now become a key social layer over the top of many of the apps on iOS devices. [ more ]

Solitude – 2010/2011 – A work in progress on the Behance Network

14 06 2011

@zbutcher: Stunning work from artist Joe Fenton. Great pictorial series of him creating one of his many amazingly detailed works. Truly a must see.



I started work on this image back in 2010. It is 8ft across & 5ft high. In these photos I am only working in graphite. Later I will go in with ink and acrylic. [ more ]

TiVo Premiere Q, Preview boxes bring quad-tuner or non-DVR options to the lineup — Engadget

14 06 2011

@zbutcher: Interesting. If the iPad app delivers many will be happy.  


In an early preview of TiVo’s plans for The Cable Show this week in Chicago, TMCNet has posted information on two new set-top boxes that will be offered by cable operators RCN and Suddenlink. As suggested by recent surveys and forum posts, the Premiere Q is a quad-tuner DVR with multiroom streaming of up to three HD feeds via MoCA or Ethernet, while the Preview is TiVo’s first box without a hard drive and serves as a client to the main box. Read the rest of this entry »

Brilliant: If Facebook And Twitter Were Real Life – Shareables

14 06 2011

@zbutcher: Funny. Social media is… truly creepy in real-life.

This hilarious video takes Facebook and Twitter and acts out everything that you would do on those networks. Whether it’s a “Like” or a “Follow”, it’s all included here.

The video is part a viral campaign to advertise a new opera called Two Boys, by Nico Muhly. 

[ more ]

Time Warner Cable chokes customers « BuzzMachine

14 06 2011

@zbutcher: Solid read from Jeff over at Nothing fun about data caps. Just hope Google can work it out soon or we’ll all be forced to move to Sebastopol, CA.   

Time Warner is testing throttled — severely throttled — tiered pricing for internet access, putting it at odds with its customers, with the media industry, and with the future of the internet. I’d like to discuss how they could think differently about their business and customers. What if, instead of a gatekeeper, they saw themselves as platforms or technology innovators or catalysts or enablers? Read the rest of this entry »