My Initial Thoughts On JUX.COM: A New “Immersive Full-Frame” Experience

27 08 2011

@zbutcher: Working as a (video) creative in the media industry, we tend to think, speak, share and even argue through our own unique language

of pictures, sound, and of course, story.

Playing with all those elements everyday can prove both magical and crazy at times depending on the client, budget, deadline or the amount of Red Bull still left in the fridge. 😉

It’s a world where quality of expression, presentation and interpretation is in full reign!

And a place where elements and ideas are meticulously crafted into “engaging” and “immersive” user experiences. Or we at least hope they are. 😉

From my own personal experience, translating much of this process to the web has left me both frustrated and disappointed.  Read the rest of this entry »