Comcast’s CEO Roberts Downloads 23 Episodes of 30 Rock in 1.39 Minutes at 1Gbps

16 06 2011
@zbutcher: Wow, so jealous… wicked fast! Can’t happen soon enough IMHO. Not sure of the cost but the concept alone is enough to want make hard core web surfers (like myself) start save up immediately! 


At the Cable Show in Chicago today, Comcast’s CEO Brian Roberts showcased the company’s ability to deliver 1 gigabit per second throughput by downloading a full season of 23 episodes of 30 Rock in just 1 minute, 39 seconds. Read the rest of this entry »


DAVID WESSON’S READ: The future of TV is social & the revolution is coming!

14 06 2011

@zbutcher: Fantastic breakdown of the social media landscape and it’s integration with media & TV. Includes: lot’s of informative stats, videos and a social TV app listing. Between Wesson and WIRED’s “How TV’s ‘Vast Wasteland’ Became a Vast Garden” one gets a very good sense of how “disruptive” the internet is for the television and media industries. Hold-on tight, cause there’s going to be a lot of “media turbulence” during the upcoming years.

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A few great excerpts from David’s post include:

“TV is a crazy, weed-filled, wonderful, out-of-control garden.” It is time to rethink TV. It is time to imagine what it could be and redefine it for the participatory culture of tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »

Roku lands in Walmart without Netgear help — Online Video News

14 06 2011
@zbutcher: This is huge news for Roku. This move will now allow them to further their reach with consumers in an actual “brick & mortar” retail space. Very smart move… well done.
Updated. Roku has confirmed that it’s struck a retail partnership to sell its broadband set-top boxes in Walmart stores. But the deal comes without the help of Netgear , whom Roku had partnered with last year to extend its reach into major retail outlets. [ Read More via  ]

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8 06 2011



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