FCPX: A curated journey & my thoughts on Shareist!

5 07 2011


@zbutcher: As mentioned in my last post I think Shareist is a rock’n new curation tool and website. It’s fast, simple and elegantly displays your shares/posts for viewers to visually enjoy. Coincidentally, at the time I began playing around with Shareist, Apple had announced the new version of Final Cut Pro X (FCPX).

At first, I was doing what I always do as a professional (PRO) editor faced with new toys, I was “taking the temperature”: bookmarking and saving reactions, information, videos, etc. for my own personal research. However, that plan didn’t last very long as something bigger had begun to unfold. Users started to download & explore the software immediately only to quickly discover that many features (Tape I/O, multi-cam, OMF/XML support, etc.) required for PRO application (and currently implemented in FCP7) were now non-existent in FCPX.

Even though some were excited, the release was mostly met with vehement opposition and disappointment by the existing PRO market, especially by those of us working in the broadcast television and film industries. Immediately, reactions, information and videos were hitting the net and social media networks at a feverish pace. It was then that I really dove deep into Shareist and decided to place myself in the epicenter of the curation storm and potential Apple marketing “debacle.” An hour later, my “curated mission control center” for FCPX was up and running.

“Final Cut Pro X” [ curated by @zbutcher ] 


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Shareist.com rocks as a curation tool with a little bit of blogging/website thrown in. Scoop.it also fun!

2 07 2011

@zbutcher: Somehow I stumbled on Shareist and I have to say it’s very impressive. Honestly, I’m much better at curating than I will ever be at blogging. But that’s okay since they are two different things to a large extent. Blogging is great platform to express one’s self by writing insightful articles and sharing their point of view. Curation is… well a whole separate beast. I’m not going to write about what it is or isn’t, there are many excellent reads covering that concept already. Anyway, it turns out that I love to curate, it’s just a part of my nature. So it’s nice to see some powerful new web tools (Shareist and the like) that allow me to do my thang.Shareist_www

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