DAVID WESSON’S READ: The future of TV is social & the revolution is coming!

14 06 2011

@zbutcher: Fantastic breakdown of the social media landscape and it’s integration with media & TV. Includes: lot’s of informative stats, videos and a social TV app listing. Between Wesson and WIRED’s “How TV’s ‘Vast Wasteland’ Became a Vast Garden” one gets a very good sense of how “disruptive” the internet is for the television and media industries. Hold-on tight, cause there’s going to be a lot of “media turbulence” during the upcoming years.

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A few great excerpts from David’s post include:

“TV is a crazy, weed-filled, wonderful, out-of-control garden.” It is time to rethink TV. It is time to imagine what it could be and redefine it for the participatory culture of tomorrow.

Twitter has also made itself a mainstay in the newsroom, often being the first to break news stories with over 77% of TV newsrooms now use twitter. In fact, many news channels use the videos and images shared by viewers on Twitter to add meaning to their reports. Indeed the integration of social media into the newsroom has taken a step further with the launch of Al Jazeera’s social media cantered program ‘the stream’ which is probably the most ambitious integration of Twitter into a news program to date.

Every TV network will have a social media Team -Every launch will have a dedicated social media plan. Two years ago, there was nothing. Today, social is a core component of how the US networks do their job. This will spread globally across broadcast media. 

Social TV is important because social media will bring together the TV and the digital world. People already use their TV’s socially: they either watch it together as a family, or watch a show separately but talk about them together at a later time. So Social TV is about bringing real-time interactivity back to TV, which has been lacking in recent years.The people who used to sit in front of a television and talk about their experiences to friends, family and co-workers are now empowered to do so right here, right now. Perhaps more important however, people are building full-fledged networks around them, creating a distribution channel of audiences with audiences and their reach is as influential as it is infinite.

[ Read More – via Wesson’s DIGITAL CULTURE ]




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