Comcast to show off new Xfinity TV guide with Facebook tie-ins, Intel CPU Thursday (video) — Engadget

14 06 2011
@zbutcher: After this great read about the “Social Media TV Revolution” fromDavid Wesson’sDIGITAL CULTURE, it’s makes sense that Comcast and other CE manufacturers are all rushing to integrate social media into their TV/Multi-media devices. I personally feel it’s better suited on a second screen but hey, I’m also not in my twenties… (unfortunately).

Thanks to one of our readers getting an early install, we’ve already dug deep into Comcast’s next generation Xfinity TV DVR, but on Thursday Brian Roberts will show it off in full (along with “new broadband speeds”) at the 2011 NCTA Cable Show. According to the press release the new guide that blends internet content with TV broadcasts will include customizations and sharing tied to Facebook along with hardware built by Pace around an Intel CPU — if anyone needs a suggestion for a service to add after Skype, we’re thinking OnLive could be a good fit. The detail we’re waiting to hear is when it will be upgrading the pitiful boxes currently available in our neck of the woods, but until then we have another tipster to thank for pointing out a cache of demo videos posted on the portal for initial testers in Georgia. The 17-minute compilation of walkthrough videos is embedded above, just try not to drool too hard over the HD formatted UI. [ Read More via ]



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